Orthodontics is the study and treatment of malocclusions (improper bites). This can be due to teeth irregularities (alignment, sizing, and shape), disproportionate jaw relationships, or a combination of both.

Treatment ranges from focusing on dental irregularities, to treating the face. This can be done by modifying facial growth or correcting the size and shape of the jaws.

The aim is not only to improve the aesthetics of the smile and face but also to create a bite that is easy to clean and functionally improved.

Straight teeth contribute to:

  •  a confident, superior appearance
  •  improved self esteem
  •  is easier to clean and is less prone to injury
  •  In adults, braces can greatly reduce the cost of overall treatment by removing the BAD teeth and re-arranging the rest of the teeth for an overall healthier and youthful smile.

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